ManageIQ Pt2 Installation

I shall be installing ManageIQ Euwe in my home lab environment which is currently running on Ovirt 4.1, this guide will assist you in getting the ManageIQ installed and initially setup for Ovirt.

We need to start with getting the latest version of ManageIQ downloaded grab the Ovirt version. either download it and copy it over to your ovirt server or wget the url. and upload the template to your export store using the ovirt-engine-upload command ( Note you need to specify the user to be “admin@internal” or any other user@internal that you use instead of admin I have seen on 4.1 some people get an issue complaining about the server cert name when you try to upload if this is the case you can put a –insecure at the end of the upload command. You also dont see the progress bar instead it will just go to 100% when completed)


Browse to your exports storage domain and you will see the new template present.


select import


click ok


Give it a name I keep it simple, after a few seconds you should see the template available to you in your master templates section


Highlight the template and click on New VM at the top.

The only changes I make are the Operating System to be RedHat 7 as it’s on CentOS 7 and give it a NIC, don’t worry with the cloud-init to preset this as we will do it on the appliance itself.


After a few seconds you should see your manageiq appliance in the VM


power up the server and use the console view log in with the default username ‘root’ and the password ‘smartvm’ it will alert you to type in appliance_console for the menu.


Set the hostname and IP either Static or DHCP and then restart the appliance.

After it comes back up it takes a few minutes for the appliance to finish starting in the so be patient while you wait for the url to return in a browser.


log in with username of ‘admin’ and password is ‘smartvm’

This will put you straight into the screen showing no infrastructure providers availablescreenshot-20170202205346-727x447

Click on configuration and add a new infrastructure provider


Give it a suitable name and the type will be RHEV for Ovirt, put in the hostname username and password and validate to make sure it checks out ok and then add it


Make sure it is ticked and select Configuration and Refresh Relationships and Power States. This will make it do a discovery of whats already in place, hosts vms templates etc.

To wrap this section up lets change the password to be more securescreenshot-20170202210147-574x293

top right corner click on the drop down and select configuration


Change it to the Access control section and select Administrator


Click on Configuration and Edit this User


Change Stored Password and set it to something better than smartvm. You will be requested to re-authenticate after changing the password .

We can also create a new user account to use going forward. Go back to the Access Control section and click on Users


Select Configuration and Add a new user


Fill out the details, an Email address is a good idea to use because when we start doing more automation and reporting etc in later sections we will get emails from ManageIQ and it uses this email address to send it to. The Groups we will go over later also but to have identical as admin the EvmGroup-super_administrator is needed.

Later on I will create a how to integrate with FreeIPA I responded to a post on the ManageIQ forum that gives an overview of how to integrate with AD if needed.A.D Integration

This wraps up the part 2 installer guide

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