ManageIQ Pt3 Deploy a Template

Our first step is to provision a new vm from a template we have already created, I wont go into how to create a template in Ovirt but do make sure that you have installed the cloud-init and ovirt-guest-agent packages on the template.

For this I have called my template CentOS7_Gold

Before we get to creating the catalog item we want to test we can deploy the template and make any changes needed.

Other than the template we also need a cloud-init template ( If using VMware you can skip this section )

Go to Compute -> Infrastructure -> PXE

Then select System Image Types We have the default types with ManageIQ, CentOS-6 ESX RHEL-6 and Windows but we want to create a new one for CentOS-7 so click on Configuration and then Add a new System Image Type


Create CentOS-7 I keep the Type Any


Now we can go to the Customization Templates and select CentOS-7 and then Configuration and Add a New Customization Template


Fill out the Name and Description to what makes sence for you, the Image type will be CentOS-7 and the type is CloudInit


Here is a basic Cloud-init file that you can build upon, make sure you create a ssh key on the Manageiq appliance and add the ssh key here. This also sets a password for root, but consider removing this and using ssh only


After saving you will now see we have the template in place under CentOS7


We can now deploy a new VM with our template and cloud-init file

Compute -> Infrasctucture -> Virtual Machines

Select Lifecycle and provision VMs


Select the Template we want in my case it is CentOS7_Gold


We need to fill out the email and name, this only happens if we are logged in as admin, when we log in as a user i will auto fill this


We can skip Purpose for now, Catalog we want to put in a VM Name

I am using cloud-init-test


Environment we have to select a Host and Datastore or we can just select Choose Automatically for now

Hardware and Network we will keep as defaults for the test

Customize we need to enter a Root Password, decide if the Network is static of DHCP and select our CentOS7_Default Customize Template


Schedule is left default to create it immedietly

Click Submit

We see the request is waiting for approval if we reload this page we can see it has auto approved.


You will see the box get created in Ovirt, atuto start up and configure with the root password, network settings and everything in the cloud-init

Once up you will see the IP in ovirt either ssh in or console to it and confirm the changes you setup are there


This ends this next we will setup a self service catalog item

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