ManageIQ Pt4 Service Catalog

We are going to set up a Service Catalog and create our first catalog item, this will run through how we create an item out of the box to request and have ManageIQ build a Server for us.

After logging back into the ManageIQ appliance go to Services and Catalogs


Select the Catalogs section and then you will have just All Catalogs, click on Configuration and select Add a New Catalog


Give the Catalog a name and a description and then add it. ( I usually split catalogs out according to environment or departments and then if it is On Premise of Public Cloud etc )

After this is created click back up on Catalog Items and then the catalog we just created


We want to create the item for OVirt which is a RHEV item.


Give a name and Description make sure the display in catalog is ticked add it to the Catalog we created and we will start by using the rhvv_catalogitem dialog the entry points are auto filled to the defaults (this is a new feature previous manageiq versions we had to add them in)


We are going to skip the details section but if you want really nice looking Details then take a look at the CloudFormsNow Blog that has an excellent write up on it.

Pretty Deatils

Click on the Request Info Tab

This is now the same as what we went through when we provisioned or box earlier so make all of this the same with one exception, enter the vm name to be something line Changeme as we will be   this with the dialog to start with


Fill out the remainder of Environment Hardware network Customize and Schedule as you did before

We now see the Catalog Item created for


We can now add the CentOS7 icon to this item to make it prettier click on CentOS7 item and scroll down to the bottom


I am using this image to upload


Choose the file and then do upload.

We can now order a server click on Service catalogs and we can see our new item ready to order click on order


We get the initial dialog window where we can change certain params we set when creating the item like the name


Click submit and your server will be built


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