CloudForms Automate Via Git

CloudForms now allows us to bring in Automate domains via Git, this is very useful as it gets around having to download a zip and then upload it, and we now have the ability to refresh them within CloudForms or change branches i.e lock it to the exact version of CloudForms we are using.

For this example I will use the extremely popular and for good reasons Kevin Moreys CloudForms essentials Repo which can be found here

First we need to make sure the Git Owner role is enabled on the web appliance you are running this from. As the call goes directly from the web box and not any of the others, even if you enable it on worker boxes it wont pull it down from them.

Go to Configuration from the top right drop down and then settings and finally expand Zones and select the server you are currently on or the web one that has access out to the relevant git location Enable Git Repositories Owner role and save it.


Now go to Automation -> Automate -> Import/Export

and add in the git url,


For Kevins one this is found by simple clicking on the Clone of Download button on the page


After clicking on Submit you will be asked which branch and TagĀ  versionĀ  to select the default Branch and origin/master will give you the latest version available but as you can see we can select a previous version if we are on an older appliance



This will now import, so lets go and see what it looks like in the Automate view and what we can do for refresh going forward.

Goto Automation -> Automate -> Explorer

You will see that the new Datastore is now in at the top ( Caution unlike when you bring in one from a zip I noticed the git one will come in enabled by default ) So make sure you push it down the sequence order or disable it and just copy the bits you need


The Datastore has a git icon next to it so you know it can be refreshed directly, if we click on Configuration at the top we now have a new option Refresh with a new branch of tag, if we select this

refresh available

We now get the option to do a refresh of the current one it is on, which will update it or we can push it back to a previous version if we want to be locked to an older version and there have been commits made to it.


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