AutoTag Windows Servers in CloudForms

Due to the nature of Ansible when we work with Windows we no longer use SSH but instead WinRM. The default nature of Ansible is to use SSH, and to resolve this we need to specify the group of Windows servers to use WinRM instead of SSH.

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Run Ansible Playbook during Service provisioning

Having CloudForms/ManageIQ provision servers is great but we want to be able to see the creation include any standards or applications at the end state. Typically in the past we added into the template a script to run when it starts up, this can include Puppet or Chef Agents that will talk back to the Master and ask what is needed to complete the build based off its hostname of custom facts on the instance. But not everyone has an existing configuration management framework already in place. Now with Ansible this is simple to achieve.

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ManageIQ Pt1 Intro

This is going to be a series of blogs to go through the setup and running of ManageIQ in a lab environment.

ManageIQ is an orchestration tool that when setup will help you keep your infrastructure running smoothly and consistent. It can be used for reporting, self-service portal, compliance checking and enforcement, provisioning and de-provisioning, automation. It auto discovers and can be installed on various platforms Continue reading “ManageIQ Pt1 Intro”